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“One should be light like a swallow, not like a feather"
Paul Valéry

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LUCANICO the bordelais “lucanian style” – best value wine for money. The LUCANICO wine represents a subjective expression of the DOC Terre dell'Alta Val d'Agri - from the Lucanian tradition a perfect marriage between the softness of Merlot and the temperament of Cabernet plus the structure of Aglianico, giving thus birth to a generous and elegant wine with a strong character.

This website is dedicated to lovers of the natural wines, the organic italian wines, representative of the fruits of our land. These are wines which contains all the particularities of the grapes cultivated in our area, with an elementary, recognisable taste associated, not with internationally renowned wines, but with our territory and it is therefore proudly ‘local’ in character.

It is a wine that is not only easy and pleasurable to drink, but goes hand in hand with light-hearted social occasions between friends, and is not intended for those interested only in cold, hard wine-tasting techniques. It is produced using natural yeast and natural stabilization techniques, like decanting and temperature control, and there are no additives or chemical disinfectants used. It’s ageing potential is therefore entrusted exclusively upon the care and attention of the consumer.

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